Two minutes with Angus Wood

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South Islanders may remember Angus Wood for his appearance as Pinkerton in the Christchurch season of Madama Butterfly or earlier in a number of appearances for Canterbury Opera. Now he makes his North Island debut as Kátya's lover Boris.

You’re playing Boris, Katya’s lover. He’s described as an out of place urbanite – what are you enjoying about this character?

Trying to find the "key" to a character who has little control over much of his life, but who then chooses to complicate and endanger his own, and Katya’s existence, with an affair. 

Dina Kuznetsova has played Katya before – how are rehearsals going for your scenes together?

Progressing well. There is always a wonderful comfort to playing a scene with someone who has done the role before. Their security allows you to experiment and make mistakes without it all falling apart.

This isn’t the first time you’ve worked with Director Patrick Nolan – tell us about your first production together.

Our first show together was Pelleas et Melisande for the Australian Opera about 20 years ago. It was a pivotal role for me, and I think pivotal too for Patrick as it was his first time directing an opera. It was a particularly beautiful production, and Patrick created an atmosphere in which this elusive piece really made sense. I owe that production a great deal.

Directors have different styles – how would you describe Patrick’s process?

Calm. He understands that rehearsals and performers build, often slowly, to the desired end. He doesn't seem to stress about that process, and builds upon each rehearsal according to its needs.  He finds the right balance between building security in the scene and experimenting and challenging it, and you, and in that space finds the greatest freedom to learn what is dramatically possible.

This is your first time performing in the North Island – what are you looking forward to seeing and doing once you’re in season?

I shall be a shameless tourist and hopefully get to travel around a little. I have already had the chance to fall in love with the South Island, and am very much looking forward to doing the same here!

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