The Turn of the Screw reviews

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The reviews are coming in for The Turn of the Screw. Read some of the highlights.

"NZO’s The Turn Of The Screw by Benjamin Britten at Wellington’s Opera House had a perfect cast, was perfectly performed and sung, and had a unsettling set, galvanic lighting and a ghostly, ghastly, uneasy, psychological drama. In short – a fabulous, compelling production." - Stephen Gibbs on DMS Review Blog

"Rarely does one have the pleasure of reporting that a production has seamlessly drawn together all the elements of the drama so superbly that “everything works”. Here, it patently does. The visual conception is perfect. Holly Mathieson’s beautifully configured orchestra delivers the audience a fine bonus, being right up there with its dramatic timing and wall-to-wall atmosphere." - Dave Smith for Theatreview

"I’ve tried my best to avoid spoilers, because I truly think anyone who CAN get to the second and last performance (Saturday 5th, at the Opera House) of this limited season, SHOULD.  Britten can be alienating, if you prefer a sweeter, more romantic style of opera, and the story is distressing, with its themes of corruption of innocence and helplessness.  But if you allow yourself to be taken on that journey, you will invest in it, you will feel things, and that’s what good opera should do." - Sophie for The Wellingtonista

"No praise can be too high for the on-stage work of the young singers playing the roles of the opera’s two children here in Wellington – Alexa Harwood’s Flora and Alexandros Swallow’s Miles. Neither could be faulted regarding what seemed to me like their total identification with the characters, as if they had each stepped into their respective roles and filled them out from within. Musically, too, each sang like both the angels and the mischief-makers one knows children are capable of appearing to be, all the while" - Peter Mechen for Middle-C

"As the Governess, Anna Leese is near ideal, as is Jared Holt as Quint, and there could be no squabbles over Patricia Wright as Mrs Grose or Madeleine Pierard as Miss Jessel.

But because the children are so difficult to cast, one might suggest that Alexandros Swallow and Alexa Harwood were the stars of the night." - John Button for Stuff

"...a production whose restless energy and macabre tension make it a genuine tour de force." - Max Rashbrooke for Scoop.

"The children Miles and Flora, excellently played and sung by Alexandros Swallow and Alexa Harwood, were by turns menacing and manipulative, easily confounding the beautifully sung and sympathetic Governess of Anna Leese." - Margaret Medlyn for RNZ Concert

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