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Coffee Cantata | CubaDupa

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Wellington Company Hannah's Courtyard,
1.30 p.m.

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Meet Lisa, a young woman who loves coffee above anything else, and her father, who is tearing out his hair with despair at his daughter’s java obsession. Will Schlump be able to convince Lisa to put down her latte and get on with her life, or will his clever daughter work out a way to have it all? Join New Zealand Opera artists as we transport Bach’s frothy short opera from the Leipzig coffee house of its origins to the caffeine-fuelled laneways around Hannah Courtyard. Featuring a specially commissioned script by Georgia Jamieson Emms, directed by Jacqueline Coats and conducted by Michael Vinten.

Performance times:

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March

1:15pm Parade (Te Aro Park)
1:30pm Performance (Hannah Courtyard)

2:15pm Parade (Te Aro Park)
2:30pm Performance (Hannah Courtyard)

3:15pm Parade (Te Aro Park)
3:30pm Performance (Hannah Courtyard)

Coffee Cantata | CubaDupa

Auckland Town Hall,
7.30 p.m.

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Hedonistic desire, passion, guilt – there’s hell to pay for opera’s legendary lover. Don Giovanni lives for one thing – women! He seduces compulsively and unrepentantly, while his long-suffering servant Leporello keeps count. Making a post assignation getaway from one noble woman, he kills her father. But the father was a highly respected citizen: passing a statue erected in his memory, Don Giovanni invites it to dinner. Slowly, very slowly, the statue nods its head…

Funny, dark, earthy, witty, shocking, this all-embracing score has some of Mozart’s most sublime music, some of his most catchy tunes, and – when the legions of Hell catch Don Giovanni in the end – music which, after 200 years is still terrifying.

Opera in Concert: Don Giovanni