Manon Lescaut


The Trusts Community Foundation Opera in Concert. Presented by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in association with New Zealand Opera.

14 Jul 2017

Featuring Italian stars Serena Farnocchia and Massimo Giordano and the APO luxuriating in Puccini’s sumptuous orchestral music, Manon Lescaut will be unforgettable.

Manon Lescaut is too young to really know who she is. What she does know is that she’s beautiful. Heart-stoppingly beautiful. What she learns later is that her charms are a commodity that can be bought and sold like any other. The young student Des Grieux is overtaken by love the moment he sees her, and indeed, Manon falls in love with him. But Manon loves other things too – attention, revelry, wealth. Puccini’s breakthrough opera was a smash hit from its premiere.

Conductor Giordano Bellincampi

Cast includes:

Manon Lescaut Serena Farnocchia

Des Grieux Massimo Giordano

Geronte Pelham Andrews


Also features:

Bianca Andrew

James Ioelu


Chorus: Freemasons New Zealand Opera Chorus